Cập nhật tin ngày 07/06/2024

June, 7 2024:VN-Index weakened toward the end (VN-Index +0.31%) VN-Index joined in with the global positivity, starting well above the reference mark after the ECB decided to cut interest rates. Nevertheless, cautious sentiment soon returned to the market with sectors and stocks diverging. As such the index gradually declined, but maintained green thanks to support Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 06/06/2024

June, 6 2024:VN-Index fell back in late trading (VN-Index -0.06%) As yesterday, VN-Index opened trading with a strong rise. After the ATO session, the index retreated due to selling, which was seen as a position adjustment. However, the index remained constantly higher in the morning. In the afternoon, there was some upward movement, particularly in Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 05/06/2024

June, 5 2024:VN-Index was unchanged (VN-Index +0.06%) VN-Index opened with a notable upward movement from the buyers, trying to break through the 1,290 resistance. However, the sellers came in later to ease the buyer’s momentum. The Food & Beverage, Technology, and Real Estate were the main growth drivers to keep the market positive in the Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 04/06/2024

June, 4 2024:VN-Index maintained green (VN-Index +0.28%) VN-Index extended the momentum with a high start above the reference mark. After a small dip, Technology and Steel sector led the market rally which spread to other sectors. Nevertheless, the 1,280 – 1,285 range proved to be a difficult resistance for VN-Index. Following two failed attempts to Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 03/06/2024

June, 3 2024:VN-Index starts this month trading strongly (VN-Index +1.45%) VN-Index opened June trading higher, with the market turning risk-on following a solid PMI for May released this morning by S&P Global. Selling pressure from foreign investors also weakened, leading to a wider rally after the opening. However, selling was seen in some stocks in Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 31/05/2024

May, 31 2024:VN-Index inched down (VN-Index -0.36%) VN-Index had a mild trading session this morning as the liquidity in the morning was 41% lower than yesterday and foreign investors net sold VND 480 billion. The slight decline in the banking sectors hampered the market growth and kept it at the reference mark. The seller gradually Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 30/05/2024

May, 30 2024:VN-Index declined despite late recovery (VN-Index -0.50%) VN-Index opened deep below the reference mark from residual selling pressures of yesterday’s session coupled with the plunging U.S stock market. Large caps continued to be the main reason for decline. Many penny stocks remained resilient; however, as the negative sentiment spread, even these supporting stocks Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 29/05/2024

May, 29 2024:VN-Index falls back led by large-cap stocks (VN-Index -0.71%) VN-Index continued yesterday’s strong trend and started higher. Liquidity increased from yesterday. However, selling was strong and the index fell, particularly for large-cap stocks. The market did not recover in the afternoon session and remained weak. Although there was a temporary bounce-back in small Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 28/05/2024

May, 28 2024:VN-Index presented a strong upturn (VN-Index +1.11%) VN-Index fluctuated in the morning, but the buyers still presented a higher outcome, slightly pushing the market higher than the reference mark. The Financial Services, Food & Beverage, and Retail sectors were the main growth drivers, while the decline of the Banking sector hampered the upward Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 27/05/2024

May, 27 2024:VN-Index edged up in caution (VN-Index +0.46%) VN-Index started cautiously, falling below the reference mark before quickly stabilized back into the green. The sharp plunge from previous session weighed heavily on investors’ sentiment, resulting in a significant drop in cash flow. As such, stocks diverged, and the market moved relatively sideway with little Xem thêm