Update news on June,21 2024

June, 21 2024:VN-Index almost unchanged (VN-Index -0.02%) VN-Index started today’s trading higher. It fell immediately after the ATO session, showing volatile movements. However, it subsequently moved higher and ended the morning trading session in positive territory. In the afternoon session, the market remained flat. Selling pressure was particularly strong in large-cap stocks, which were supported Read More

Update news on June,20 2024

June, 20 2024:VN-Index remained sideway (VN-Index +0.20%) Although VN-Index opened with a slight upward, the selling pressure soon showed up and narrowed down the market below the reference mark in the morning. The Basic Resources and Financial Services sectors caused the Index to go down. However, the buyers counteracted all the selling movement and remained Read More

Update news on June,19 2024

June, 19 2024:VN-Index bounced back from negative (VN-Index +0.02%) A slight positive momentum was extended from yesterday’s session as VN-Index started above the reference mark. Selling pressure soon set in and gradually pulled the market down. The few positivity from Seafood stocks and Fertilizer stocks could not outweigh the drag from major sectors like Banking Read More

Update news on June,18 2024

June, 18 2024:VN-Index ended in green (VN-Index +0.37%) VN-Index opened with positive movement unlike last 2 days declines, and maintained its momentum throughout the morning. Basic Resources, Chemical sectors recorded increasing while Retail sector weighed on the Index. The Index continued having positive sentiment in the afternoon although narrowed the gains as approaching to the Read More

Update news on June,17 2024

June, 17 2024:VN-Index volatile (VN-Index -0.40%) VN-Index started this week trading higher, halting last weekend’s decline. However, investor sentiment was still unfavourable and volatile. In the afternoon, the index moved below last week’s closing price and remained weak until the close. The Basic Resources, Media and Travel & Leisure sectors provided support. The Retail sector, Read More

Update news on June,14 2024

June, 14 2024:VN-Index showed a negative outcome at the end (VN-Index -1.66%) VN-Index fluctuated around the 1,300 resistance in the morning with decent liquidity. The banking sector managed to anchor the market, while the Food & Beverage and Retail sectors weighed down on the Index However, profit-taking action kicked in in the afternoon and gradually Read More

Update news on June,13 2024

June, 13 2024:VN-Index moved sideways around the 1,300 level (VN-Index +0.10%) VN-Index started well above the reference mark along with the U.S stock market as the U.S CPI data in May was lower than expected. However, delayed rates cut view from the Fed kept investors cautious. As such, the index gradually dropped back down. After Read More

Update news on June,12 2024

June, 12 2024:VN-Index rises sharply after consolidating (VN-Index  +1.23%) VN-Index started cautiously ahead of the US economic indicators due to be released this evening. In the morning, the index was unstable. However, the trend changed in the afternoon. The market rallied, driven by large-cap stocks. On a closing basis, the market rose above 1,300 pt Read More

Update news on June,11 2024

June, 11 2024:VN-Index changed its momentum (VN-Index  -0.49%) VN-Index continued its upward momentum at the beginning but the market started decreasing to below reference price due to profit-taking. Although Oil & Gas sector had a positive result, most of sectors decreased in the morning. The index ended up in red in the afternoon as negative Read More

Update news on June,10 2024

June, 10 2024:VN-Index performed moderately (VN-Index +0.24%) VN-Index opened and slightly went higher, but the seller soon kicked in and hampered the upward movement. The Industrial Goods & Services, Financial Services, and Chemicals sectors were the main growth drivers in the morning. However, the selling force expanded its momentum in the afternoon and dragged the Read More