Cập nhật tin ngày 21/05/2024

May, 21 2024:Gaining streak of VN-Index interrupted (VN-Index -0.03%) VN-Index started near the reference mark as the turmoil regarding the political leader of the country is coming to an end. Investors’ excitement calmed down after an impressive increasing streak. The market alternated between green and red as investors turned to more cautious state. Selling pressures Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 20/05/2024

May, 20 2024:VN-Index increased moderately (VN-Index +0.35%) VN-Index opened with optimism as the SCIC announced the companies belonged to the 2nd phase of the divestment list in 2024. The Index remained green in the morning, led by the mild increase in the Banking, Real Estate, and Financial Services sectors. However, foreign investors net sold in Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 17/05/2024

May, 17 2024:VN-Index keeps gains (VN-Index +0.34%) VN-Index started trading higher again today. After the ATO session ended, the market was inclined to sell. However, the market recovered as it quickly turned to buying. It continued to keep its gains. As the afternoon began, the market was again dominated by selling. Although the market temporarily Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 16/05/2024

May, 16 2024:VN-Index up on U.S’s CPI data (VN-Index +1.15%) VN-Index extended the positive momentum of yesterday, starting high above the reference mark. It was also backed by lower than expected CPI data in the U.S, which improved investors’ sentiment regarding rates cuts. Banking sector led the gains, and spread the positivity across other sector. Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 15/05/2024

May, 15 2024:VN-Index continues to gain as market sentiment recovered (VN-Index +0.89%) VN-Index showed a favorable performance today with liquidity after gaining a foothold in the market. The index was active from the beginning of the morning session and gradually expanded its gains. Although there was some selling pressure in the latter afternoon, which appeared Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 14/05/2024

May, 14 2024:VN-Index remained stagnant at the end (VN-Index +0.25%) VN-Index opened with an upward movement of the buyer as the buy-up volume took over the market. However, the seller soon dragged the Index down after that. Trading liquidity was mild, reaching VND 7 trillion in the morning. Although the Real Estate and Banking sectors Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 13/05/2024

May, 13 2024:VN-Index declined amidst quiet trading (VN-Index -0.36%) VN-Index opened above the reference mark thanks to the support from large cap stocks. Nevertheless, the index could not hold its green as cash flow remained low under cautious sentiments from investors. Stocks diverged, but sell-side maintained general dominance, leading the to the gradual decline of Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 10/05/2024

May, 10 2024:VN-Index continues to fall (VN-Index -0.31%) VN-Index showed the same price movements as yesterday. The index opened higher at the start of trading. However, the buying momentum did not continue amid material difficulties after the earnings peak. Although there were some downside movements in the afternoon, the index did not turn positive until Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 09/05/2024

May, 9 2024:VN-Index slowed down (VN-Index -0.15%) VN-Index opened with stagnation as the trading activity was moderate. However, the sell-down volume kicked in later and narrowed down the market. The selling force showed up in most sectors, especially the Basic Resources, Financial Services, and Food & Beverage sectors. The buyer attempted to return in the Xem thêm

Cập nhật tin ngày 08/05/2024

May, 8 2024:VN-Index recovered from initial drop (VN-Index +0.15%) VN-Index opened negatively deep below the reference mark. The index was dragged down by large cap stocks primarily Banking sector and Real Estate sector. Soon after that, the market managed to stabilize and began to recover, led by the support of Financial Services sector and Oil Xem thêm