Cập nhật tin ngày 20/05/2024

May, 20 2024:VN-Index increased moderately (VN-Index +0.35%)

  • VN-Index opened with optimism as the SCIC announced the companies belonged to the 2nd phase of the divestment list in 2024.
  • The Index remained green in the morning, led by the mild increase in the Banking, Real Estate, and Financial Services sectors. However, foreign investors net sold in most sectors, especially the Real Estate sector recorded VND 180 billion net selling value.
  • The market fluctuated in the afternoon as the selling pressure kicked in. Nonetheless, it was insignificant.
  • Trading activities among sectors weren’t much different from the morning, except for the Insurance sector, which surged to contribute to the gain of the market.
  • Market breadth had 264 winners, 174 losers, and 69 unchanged.
  • Liquidity picked up by 20.4% to VND 27.7 trillion.

VN-30 increased at a slower pace (VN-30 +0.18%)

  • The basket included 18 increasing stocks, 10 decreasing stocks, and 2 staying the same.
  • BCM (+6.97%), BVH (+3.67%), and HDB (+2.26%) were the top gainers of the basket.
  • Meanwhile, VJC (-2.39%), SHB (-1.25%), and FPT (-1.12%) narrowed the market down.

Sectors and stocks daily highlights

  • VND (-0.91%) disclosed the Announcement of Public Offering with more than 243.5 million shares at VND 10,000 each stock. The firm also revealed the issuance of shares for dividend payments with more than 60.8 million shares for current investors from undistributed earnings.
  • FPT (-1.12%) showed up in the 2nd phase of the divestment list of SCIC in 2024. Currently, SCIC accounts for 5.8% ownership of FPT, equivalent to VND 635 billion.
  • Foreign investors net sold VND 820.6 billion. DBC (+3.44%) was the only notable net-bought stock. On the other hand, VHM (-0.98%), VNM (-0.90%), and MWG (+0.67%) had the most net selling value.



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