Cập nhật tin ngày 06/05/2024

05月06日:VN-Index continues to rise on solid earnings results (VN-Index +1.68%)

  • VN Index opened the week with a strong rise at the start of trading.
  • After the ATO session ended, the index was seen under a little bit of profit-taking pressure, but it continued to maintain positive gains.
  • Liquidity increased toward the end of the session, and the market’s gains were gradually broadened, especially among stocks with good earnings.
  • All sectors were higher except the Health Care sector.
  • The market breadth included 390 winners, 76 losers, and 49 unchanged stocks.
  • Liquidity improved by 22.6% to VND 20.8 trillion.

VN-30 has many stocks up (VN-30 +1.51%)

  • The basket recorded 28 increasing stocks and 2 decreasing stocks.
  • Particularly notable gains were seen in VJC (+6.98%) and GVR (+6.12%).
  • Only HDB (-0.61%) and VRE (-0.21%) fell.

Sectors and stocks daily highlights

  • The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) released today a report to the Ministry of Transportation on domestic air ticket prices for January-April 2024. With average ticket prices increasing, VJC (+6.98%) and HVN (+6.76%) recorded ceiling prices.
  • VIC (+0.67%) recently released softer results for 1Q2024, with revenue of VND21.7 trillion (-44.2% YoY) and pre-tax profit of VND2.5 trillion (-41.5% YoY).
  • Foreign investors were net bought by VND242 billion today. The largest net bought was MWG (+4.67%). On the other hand, FUEVFVND (+0.77%) and HDB (-0.61%) were notably net sold.



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