Securities Depository

Clients who would like to deposit securities at Japan Securities Co., Ltd (JSI), please follow the instructions below:

*** In case Clients have not opened a securities-trading account at JSI, please complete the procedures for opening a securities trading account before carrying out securities depository’s process.

Procedures in details:

1. For Clients who come to JSI’s office directly

Step 1: In order to deposit securities, please prepare the following necessary documents to bring to JSI’s head quarter.

  • Shareholder’s Book/ Shareholder’s Certificate (original) 
  • Valid Identity Card (should be the same as an ID card submitted for opening account, if not, please bring the newest one)
  • Valid authorization letter (if the person who submits documents is not securities account holder and is authorized to deposit securities on behalf of account holder) 

Step 2: At JSI’s counter, please fill information in the securities depository form. After filling, please hand over the form and the documents mentioned in Step 1 to JSI’s staff. 

Step 3: JSI staff checks information and documents given by Clients with the information in JSI’s system and in Vietnam Securities Depository’s system. If all the information is matched, JSI’s staff will accept Clients’ documents and return 1 copy of securities depository form with sign and seal of JSI as a proof. Otherwise, JSI’s staff will assist Clients with additional procedures in order to depositing securities.

Step 4: JSI’s staff submits Clients’ documents to Vietnam Securities Depository.

Step 5: After receiving confirmation from VSD, JSI’s staff will record the corresponding increase in Clients’ securities in the system and inform Clients about the success of securities depositing.

The securities amount is recorded by exact types of securities owned by client such as free transfer, limited transfer or pending for transaction.

2. For Clients who cannot come to JSI’s office directly

(Only applicable to investors who have existing securities trading accounts and are not able to come directly to JSI’s office)

• Please send to JSI’s office the full package of documents via postal service at the following address:

Trading Department
Japan Securities Co., Ltd.
7th floor, Tower 1, Capital Place Building, 29 Lieu Giai, Ngoc Khanh Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
Tel: 024-3791-1818

• Upon receiving of completed and valid documents, JSI’s staff will carry out the procedure of securities deposit and will inform Clients once we receive valid confirmation from VSD. During the process of deposit, if further requests from VSD are arising, JSI’s staff will inform Clients to submit additional documents.

Please note that JSI is not responsible for documents losing during transportation by postal service.