Selling payment in advance

In order to support the customers with flexible investment demand, JSI provides cash advances immediately right after selling order matched instead of waiting for money to transact on T + 2 day-time cycle as regulated.

For customers:

  • Vietnamese clients having deposit accounts managed by JSI;
  • Clients who have securities sell orders matched in the trading session or in previous trading session and the selling amount hasn’t been settled in accordance with law

The ways to advance stock-selling amount: Clients can advance money through channels such as:

  • At JSI’s trading counter,
  • Via JSI’s online trading software, 
  • Via phone

Advance’s fee:

  • Minimum fee of 50,000 VND/time
  • Advance’s fee = Amount advance * charging fee in percentage * Number of advance days 
  • Number of advance days is calculated from the time clients placed an advance order to the time the transacted money is paid to client’s account (Including working days and weekends, if any)

Payment method: The advanced amount and fee will be paid to JSI’s account from client’s stock-selling amount on the payment date (T+2 day-time cycle)