Transferring Guidelines


Clients who want to send the request of transfer money to JSI by telephone or online method must sign the Agreement on electronic transaction with JSI.

1. Withdraw, transfer money at counter/via telephone

Clients/authorized person who want to WITHDRAW or TRANSFER cash from securities trading account to individual payment accounts at bank can come directly to JSI’s office (please bring along ID card) or contact us via telephone number (024.3791 1818) and provide information as follows:

– Full name

– Securities trading account at JSI (101C……)

– ID card number, transaction password

– Amount of money 

– Bank account number 

2. Transfer money by online trading system

Step 1:  Log in the online trading system on official website of JSI (, chose Cash transfer button or Cash transfer on Utilities on Menu bar.

Step 2: Input information of transfer transaction: bank account number to receive money, amount and remarks of the transaction.

Step 3: Input online transaction password => OK to confirm => The system informs “Trade successfully”.

Note: The bank account number to receive money must be registered in Agreement on electronic transactions and Clients have to guarantee the accuracy of information provided to JSI.

Time validity for this service is from 8am to 4pm working day.


Clients who want to remit cash from Indirect Investment Capital Account (IICA) to bank accounts at their home country, please kindly contact JSI to be instructed and supported about procedures with Vietnamese bank.

Contact information:


Tel: +84 24 3791 6426