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Clients can experience different utilities on JSI’s online trading such as: Placing smart orders (usual orders, conditional orders and order multiple), Advancing selling amount Advancing selling amount automatically  Online cash transfer  Online buying rights registration  Checking account’s information  Account management… Clients who have opened securities trading accounts wishing to register for additional online trading services Read More

Power of Attorney Registration

According to current regulations, the registration of securities trading authorization must be certified by notary offices. Clients who have opened securities trading accounts wishing to register for authorization, please follow the instructions below: Step 1 Study carefully the authorization contract form (reference) and prepare necessary documents for the registration of authorization in accordance with JSI’s Read More

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Customers who would like to open a Securities Trading Account, please follow the instructions below: Procedures in details: Step 1: Domestic Individuals: Please bring your valid Identity Card to Japanese Securities Incorporated at: 14th floor, TNR Tower, 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh, Lang Thuong, Dong Da, Hanoi to open a securities-trading account. * For customers from Read More

Stock Trading

GUIDELINES ON SECURITIES TRADING AT JAPAN SECURITIES INCORPORATED Clients can trade securities at Japan Securities Incorporated (JSI) by following methods: Place orders directly at JSI Trading Counter Place orders via Phone Place orders via Online Trading Interface I. REGULATIONS ON STOCKS & MONEY BALANCES For Buying orders, Clients must deposit sufficient money balance to cover Read More

Securities Depository

Clients who would like to deposit securities at Japan Securities Incorporated (JSI), please follow the instructions below: *** In case Clients have not opened a securities-trading account at JSI, please complete the procedures for opening a securities trading account before carrying out securities depository’s process. Procedures in details: 1. For Clients who come to JSI’s Read More


  1. What is Covered Warrant (CW)? Covered Warrant are securities that have collateral assets issued by Securities Companies, giving owners the right, but not obligation, to buy (call option – call CW) or to sell (put option – put CW) the underlying securities at a predetermined price, before or at a specific time in Read More

Risk disclosure

ELECTRONIC TRADING RISK ANNOUNCEMENT Japan Securities Incorporated (JSI) was licensed by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam on 7th June 2011 to provide Electronic Trading Services for Clients. Advantages: Bringing clients the simplicity, promptness and convenience in trading securities. Japan Securities Incorporated would like to announce potential risks from failure of hardware and software and Read More

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