Advanced Payment Guidelines


Note: Japan Securities Co., Ltd solely provides cash advance service to domestic clients whose cash balance is managed by Japan Securities Co., Ltd.

In order to use this service by telephone or online method, clients must to sign the Agreement on Electronic transactions with Japan Securities Co., Ltd.

1. Cash Advance at counter/by telephone

Clients who have demand of cash advance service may come to JSI’s counter (please bring along valid ID card) or contact JSI via telephone number (024.3791 1818) and provide information as follows:

– Full name

– Securities trading account number at JSI (101C……)

– ID card number, transaction password

– Amount of cash advance.  

To clients who request cash advance at the counter, JSI’s staff will print out form of Request cum Agreement on cash advance service and take the signature of confirmation from clients about the order of cash advance.

To clients who send request of cash advance via telephone, JSI will record the order content.

After having sufficient information about clients and the cash advance order, JSI’s staff will process the order, record increasing amount into securities trading accounts.

2. Cash advance via online trading system

Step 1: Clients log in online trading system on JSI’s official website (, click on Utilities on Menu bar => Cash Advance.

Step 2: Input the amount to advance. 

Step 3: If Clients agree with advance amount and fee in accordance with JSI’s regulations => Input transaction password => Ok to confirm => The system inform “Cash in advance successfully”.


In order to use the service of automatic cash advance, clients need to register with Japan Securities Co., Ltd.

After accomplishing register procedure, client’s account will be activated the function of automatic cash advance. Accordingly, whenever the sell orders are matched, the selling amount (minus fee and tax) will be added automatically into buying power.

Clients might use this buying power to execute the following securities transactions without carry out the step of advancing cash like normal case.

In the end of trading day, if the buying orders are matched as the result from Stock Exchange, JSI’s system will process cash advance procedure, the advanced amount is equal to buying amount plus transaction fee and advance fee.