Cash management

With the motto of absolute compliance with the law on managing deposits of clients for investing in securities, Japan Securities Co., Ltd is always proud of being transparent, reliable in managing investors’ assets.

We provide effective and convenient methods of deposit management according to the needs of each client. Clients can choose either deposit management at JSI or connect with reputable commercial banks.

Deposit management at Japan Securities Co., Ltd:

Your deposit account is managed on JSI’s general account opened at a reputable commercial bank. We commit to transparency in each transaction by controlling the independent statement of Bank. 

  • Client’s accounts are entitled to non-term interest rates (0.1%/year), and do not need to maintain the minimum balance.
  • Clients are able to use advance payment service for selling orders. 
  • Deposit/ transfer money at BIDV, Maritimebank, VIB transaction offices nationwide or at banks where clients open accounts.
  • Withdraw money at JSI’s headquarters or through the online trading system.

Deposit management via software connected to the Bank account

  • Account Connecting is free, linked online with a Securities Trading Account at JSI
  • Deposits of customers are managed at the associated bank
  • Affiliate accounts are entitled to interest rate in accordance with the interest rate table of the associated bank, the requirement to maintain the minimum balance as prescribed by the Bank.
  • Flexible deposits / withdrawals through the Bank’s extensive network