Corporate Actions

I. For rights such as Cash dividend, Stock dividend, Bonus stock, Bond’s principal and/or interest, Stock splitting/merging:

Upon official notice from VSD, JSI will inform all clients who possess securities’ rights via registered SMS or email.

On the last day of registration, JSI will list the clients who possess securities’ rights and send to VSD. 

On the date of dividend payment or transaction day of shares (dividends/ bonus shares), JSI will allocate money / securities to client’s security trading account and send notification via registered SMS or email to clients. 

II. Rights issue:

Upon the event of share purchase right, JSI will send notification to right’s owners via registered SMS or email.

1. Right issue exercise:

Clients who want to register to exercise right issue may process the procedure via the following methods:

1.1 Normal right issue exercise (at JSI’s counter, via phone/email)

a. With cash deposit or money transferred:

Step 1:

Clients can contact JSI at (024)-37911818 (Japanese clients can contact JSI at email address: or bring ID card to JSI headquarter to register for exercising right issue.

JSI staff confirms client’s information, checks account’s balance and instructs client to submit / transfer share purchase’s money to the following account number (if necessary).

Beneficiary Account: Công ty TNHH Chứng khoán Nhật Bản

Account Number: 1221.0000.431565

At Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, Ha Thanh Branch

Content: <Client’s Full Name>, Security Account Number <Account Number> transfer money to buy <Amount of Stocks> <Stock’s code> additional shares. 

For example: Nguyen Van A, security account number 101C012345 transfer money to buy 10,000 VNM additional shares. 

Step 2:

After receiving request from clients to exercise rights issue, JSI will check and carry out the procedure. 

b. By deducting money from securities trading accounts:

Clients who wish to exercise their right to buy (transfer money to buy additional shares) by direct deposit from the securities trading account can go to JSI’s headquarter, call or email to JSI to register.

For clients who go to JSI’s headquarter to register, clients fill in the information and sign in the Money Transfer Request Form. 

For client requesting via phone / email, we will save evidence of your request and transfer money from client’s securities trading account to buy additional shares in accordance with client’s request.

1.2. Online right issue exercise:

This online transaction channel is for clients who have registered to use the online service for exercising right issue under the Electronic Transaction Agreement with JSI. 

Guidelines: Clients please refer to corporate action of the online trading guide to register to buy additional shares via online trading account. 

2. Rights transfer:

Clients can transfer the right to buy additional shares if they do not want or can not exercise their rights. The rights transfer is agreed between client and the transferee on the price and method of payment. 

Clients prepare documents, fill in accurate information and sign in the forms below:

  • Request for transferring of rights (3 copies)
  • Contract of transferring of rights (3 copies)
  • Valid ID card (If client is an individual) or Business Registration (notarized copy) and Legal Power of Attorney (if client is an organization) (1 copy)

After checking the completion and accuracy of documents, JSI staff will guide clients to other related procedures and after receiving the proper documents from clients, JSI will carry out the procedure of rights transfer with VSD.


  • The procedures for transferring share purchase rights shall be made at the securities company where the transferor has the securities trading account. 
  • The transferee must have a securities trading account at any securities company for share purchase rights transfer. 
  • Dossiers of share purchase rights transfer must be submitted within the time frame set by Issuing Organization.