Brokerage and Investment Advisory

Professional and enthusiastic staffs:

With a team of experienced Japanese managers who have worked in many major financial markets in the world such as Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, ect, as well as with operational staffs whose standard requirements on profession and practice certification, JSI is committed to providing professional, transparent, reliable, and Japanese-quality brokerage services. 

Being enthusiastic and always customers oriented, JSI believes that we can meet the most stringent requirements of clients in providing professional services and troubleshooting related to stock transactions in Vietnam Stock Market.

Advanced technology:

Being aware of investing in modern and advanced technology in order to meet the fast-growing market, JSI regularly updates and upgrades flexible, convenient and highly-secured securities trading system. Clients can choose from a variety of securities trading methods such as placing orders at the counter/ via telephone/ through online trading channels. 

Accurate and reliable:

JSI guarantees that the transactions are executed accurately, information are provided sufficiently as required and we are committed to complying with the regulations on confidentiality and disclosure of information in accordance with the Law.