Securities Depository

As a member of the Vietnam Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation (VSDC), Japan Securities Co., Ltd. provides full range of securities depository services to clients. We are committed to managing clients’ accounts in a safe, secure and timely manner. Securities depository services at JSI include: Securities management: stock deposit at VSDC, stock keeping and regularly Read More

Cash management

With the motto of absolute compliance with the law on managing deposits of clients for investing in securities, Japan Securities Co., Ltd is always proud of being transparent, reliable in managing investors’ assets. We provide effective and convenient methods of deposit management according to the needs of each client. Clients can choose either deposit management Read More

Dealing Operation

Dealing Operation is a Proprietary Trading, of which trader trade stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives, or other financial instruments with the firm’s own money in order to make a profit for the company’s own account.

Daily report in Japanese

Our daily report provides market overview and behavior, as well as forecast of the market. In addition, update the news related to macroeconomics and corporate business activities.

Corporate Accesss

Upon the request from Institutional Investors, we arrange the IR meetings, with the option of providing the simultaneous translation. Provide Telephone conference services to the overseas Institutional Investors to access the companies for researching. As an IR meeting, set up the group meetings for some Institutional Investors, or relay meeting for specific institutional investors.

Fund Certificates Distribution

In order to provide customers with a wide range of financial products and services, JSI has researched, selected and cooperated with reputable fund management companies in Vietnam to become their distributor and distribute open-fund certificates of these fund management companies to customers in need. Open-fund’s NAV value  Open-fund certificates distributed by JSI MB Capital Investment Read More

Selling payment in advance

In order to support the customers with flexible investment demand, JSI provides cash advances immediately right after selling order matched instead of waiting for money to transact on T + 2 day-time cycle as regulated. For customers: Vietnamese clients having deposit accounts managed by JSI; Clients who have securities sell orders matched in the trading Read More

M&A Advisory

With a team of experienced professionals from Japan, experienced and knowledgeable in the international market, we will together with clients to complete the purchase, sale and merger successfully and effectively. Clients are provided with the below services: – Consultancy on selection of subjects of merger, survey of operation situation and legal dossiers, determination of value Read More

Bespoke research

Our analyst works closely with clients on customized research, as well as economics, Channel Check, Technical Analysis, responding promptly and accurately to the particular client’s demand. As for Bespoke Research, we position it as an information service that aims to meet the niche demands that other securities company cannot offer to professional investors. If you Read More