Announcement about shortening settlement time for securities transactions

Dear Valued Customers,

Pursuant to Decision No 109/QĐ-VSD regulated on clearing and settlement of securities transactions at VSD and Decision No 110/QĐ-VSD regulated on depository member at VSD, signed and promulgated by Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD) on 19/08/2022, Japan Securities Co., Ltd. respectfully informs to customers about shortening settlement time for securities transactions that have settlement cycle T+2 as follows:


    1. Adjustment content:

Current Regulation

New Regulation

(From 29/08/2022)

Complete settlement

15h30-16h00 day T+2 11h00-11h30 day T+2
Start new settlement cycle Day T+3 From 13h day T+2
    1. Applicable securities: Stocks, Fund Certificates, Covered Warrants.
    2. Effective date: From 29/08/2022

Accordingly, investors who have buying and selling securities transactions on 25/08/2022 (Day T+0) will receive securities and cash before 13h of 29/08/2022 (Day T+2), which will be able to buy and sell securities in the afternoon trading session of the same day.


Detailed information on changes notification is published on Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD)’s website, customers please kindly click Here.