Risk disclosure


  1. Japan Securities Co., Ltd (JSI) was licensed by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam on 7th June 2011 to provide Electronic Trading Services for Clients.
  2. Advantages: Bringing clients the simplicity, promptness and convenience in trading securities.
  3. Japan Securities Co., Ltd would like to announce potential risks from failure of hardware and software and services provided by the third party which may occur during the trading includes but not limited to:
    • The system is halted due to transmission problems, the power cut and programming errors;
    • Telecommunication or internet network of service provider occur technical problems or overload and congestion;
    • Order processing devices are halted or slow due to the congestion of huge number of orders which is over the designed capacity. As the result, the order cannot be executed;
    • Technical failure in hardware and software of the system;
    • The computer is affected by virus and information exchange of the computer-network is halted.;
    • Order information is hang up, postponed or arise data error during process of sending via Internet;
    • The verification of Clients may not be inaccurate or faulty, error of security may occur;
    • The Stock Quotes and other information may get failure or be incorrect;
    • Moreover, connection speed may be influenced disadvantageously by market fluctuation, high internet access flow, system efficiency or other elements occurring beyond our control..
  4. We are not responsible for any risks, loss or damage arising due to:
    • The Client provides information untimely, mistakenly or inaccurately as a result E-Trading services and/or E-Trading transactions may not perform;
    • Failure of any third party including but not limited to the Company’s services providers in providing E-Trading services;
    • Error of the system or of any related technical means results in the system revoking the client’s electronic transactions;
    • The Company performs untimely Client’s transactions or fails to execution of its responsibilities in accordance with the terms and provisions using E-Trading Services due to the failure of machinery, data processing, telecommunications information, natural disaster or any event occurring beyond the Company’s control or as a result of fraud, falsification created by any third party;
    • Using E-Trading services, E-Trading transactions or E-Trading services’ information of Client’s authorized people;;
    • The Client mislay or is stolen Token, username, logging password, trading password, electronic signature and/or other Client’s identified factors provided by the Company as a result unauthorized people use of these factors for unwanted transactions, information approaching..
  5. In case the Client detect unauthorized people using your password and conducting transactions illegally, call JSI by telephone number +84 24 37911818 immediately so that we take necessary measures.
  6. We undertake to apply the optimal measures to bring Client quality service and minimize technical risks..

Thank you for using JSI’s online trading services.