Working environment

Working environment
Joining Japan Securities Co., Ltd (JSI), you will have chance to experience a professional environment with modern Japanese working style and full of youthful and friendly spirit.

Working space is designed to meet requirement of international standards. At our office, all staff can easily share and connect with each other but still ensure to keep the information confidential.


Benefits commensurating with ability and working performance
Utilizing talents and developing young personnel are the top priority in our development strategy. JSI cares about developing, taking care of material and spiritual life for employees. JSI always complies and facilitates the provisions of the Labor Law, the State’s regimes and policies, creating favorable conditions for employees in their work, study and career development.


The company’s welfare policy is more and more complete in order to take care of the spiritual life, reproduce the labor force, motivate and improve the efficiency of the work as well as create the motivation for coordinating, learning and sharing experience which make staff become closer, and create better work efficiency.


  • At JSI, all official employees will participate in Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance. This is a consistent policy and is strictly implemented from the beginning time of company establishment.
  • Participating in company trips, team building activities, gala dinner, charity activities and other events.
  • JSI focuses on the health of the staff, the company organizes annual health examinations in prestigious hospitals.
  • Overtime pay in accordance with the Labor Law.

Rewards and Bonus
Every year, based on the performance of employees and the business results of the company, JSI has a policy of rewarding employees with good performance or initiatives in business activities in order to create motivation and a healthy emulation environment for employees to promote their potential, to boost the company’s strong development.

We always welcome you to become a member of Japan Securities Co., Ltd!